Private Arrangements

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Private Arrangements

Lord and Lady Termaine lead separate lives on different continents. Their marriage of ten years seems ideal to most people, that is until Lady Termaine files for a divorce.

Gigi Rowland, Lady Termaine, once loved her husband, but now wants nothing more wants than to be free of him so she can marry another. When he agrees with certain outrageous conditions she is forced to agree. The only problem is she still feels something for him. How can she keep her secrets with him around?

Camden Saybrook, Lord Termaine, fell hard and fast for Gigi. Find out her dirty secret on their wedding day caused a rift between them that covered the span of an ocean. Her demand for a divorce made him face facts he wished he didn't have too. So he does the unthinkable and comes home and confronts her. Agreeing to give her the divorce after certain conditions are met. Is his fear of losing her forever enough to make him forgive her and give them a second chance?

Sherry Thomas has woven a wonderful tale of regrets and secret desires. Her characters are realistic and complex. Private Arrangements is definitely worth reading.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.00