The Revealing

The Pentacles Of Magick, #4

Noah Scott has agreed to help rescue his brother’s lover’s sister Jessie from their vile uncle. When he finds the woman he’s shocked that this Jessie is the same Jessie who’d walk out on him months ago without even telling him why. Now he has to get her to safety, and explain that his brothers think she is his mate. The last of the four women who can break the family curse. And he has to do this all before his birthday in two days.
Jessie wasn’t going to survive another night of Reverend Scott’s torture. He’d been holding her prisoner and draining her magick. She prayed her brother Jake would come rescue her, but she knew time was running out. Then Noah shows up claiming Jake sent him to rescue her. He gets her safely back to his private hideaway. Just like before they can’t keep their hands off each other, but she knows she has to tell him the one thing about her that will send him running.

An enjoyable quick pace read. In this fourth and final installment of the Scott brother’s tale Gayle brings everything full circle with an exciting good overcoming evil ending. She makes you wish the series wasn’t over yet.

Book Blurb for The Revealing

The final chapter of the Pentacles of Magick series comes to an explosive end!

As a demon hunter, Noah has seen and done it all...until his twin sends him to rescue a woman he wanted to forget.

Noah Scott is a mercenary hell bent on ridding the world of evil, one demon at a time. He walked away from the family prophecy determined to do things his way. Until one woman had tempted him then left without a trace.

Jessie has spent her whole life hiding her darker side from those who would never accept her. When she met gorgeous Noah she knew he would be different and their passion ignited a connection neither of them understood.

Now they must face the past and their future in a race to save his family, while fighting a sexual desire threatening to destroy them both.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.25