Nauti Intentions, Vol. 4

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Nauti Intentions, Vol. 4

Janey MacKay is a traitor’s daughter and a patriot’s sister. Yet the people of Somerset tended to overlook her connection to her brother and focus on the one to her much hated and depraved father. When she starts receiving threats her brother, uncle, and three cousins insist she move back home where they can protect her. She refuses, but counters with the offer to let their friend Alex stay with her to protect her. She considered it an apt punishment since he was the one who told them about the threats in the first place. Plus it would give her the chance to be around him.
Ever since the day by the lake when sweet little, seventeen year old, Janey MacKay had blown him a thirty-one year old man, a kiss Alexander Jansen knew he was in major trouble. She’s had a rough life being the daughter of a father who turned out to be a traitor to his country, but her brother had done his best to protect her. Now six years later he had to face the facts that he was too damn old for her, but as sick and twisted as it was he couldn’t walk away from her. When he finds out someone is making threats against her he’s determined to protect her. Body and heart, even if it means giving his own life to do it.
I couldn’t put this one down. From start to end it’s full of action and emotion. Lora Leigh knows how to set the pages on fire and draw you into the action. Her characters have flaws that only enhance the story. If you want to set aside a few hours and curl up with a good book this would be it.

Book Blurb for Nauti Intentions, Vol. 4

Since he saw Janey Mackay taking a dip in her bikini, Major Alex Jansen has had to quell the fire she ignites in him. Even touching her would mean death at the hands of the Mackay men. Until now, the girl of his dreams—and fantasies—has lived in a vacuum of affection, shying away from the danger she thinks men represent. Alex sets out to prove her wrong, with his torturously slow caresses.

Everyone thinks Janey's safe now, with her abusers dead. But when someone starts leaving spine chilling notes, Alex won't rest until she's completely safe. And completely his—body and soul...

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 5.00