Loving Lucas

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Loving Lucas

Sheriff Nicholas Demetris knew he was interested in Lucas the minute he saw him. He played it cool though letting a friendship grow between them before trying to take things and further. Knowing Lucas had serious issues he waited until he was comfortable with him before telling him how he felt. But stubborn as he was Lucas turned him away refusing to take their friendship any further. But now a crazy lunatic from Lucas’s past is back making threats and there is no way Nick is going to let him get hurt.

Bookstore owner Lucas Keifer had been attacked, set on fire, and left for dead. But he survived even if he was only living a shadow of the life he’d once had. His best friend Nicholas Demetris tried to make him see things could be different, but he wasn’t ready to hear it. When his attacker gets released from jail on a technicality Nick, who is also the towns Sheriff, shows up at his place to protect him. He had no idea Nick wasn’t going to let him hide from what they feel for each other either.

Nick was a strong character and his devotion moved the story where it needed to go. It was a good story that flowed well. But in the end I found it a bit predictable.

Book Blurb for Loving Lucas

Lucas Kiefer has lived through hell. Assaulted and nearly murdered by a man obsessed with him, he now lives with horrible scars inside and out. Abandoned by his boyfriend while trying to recover, Lucas withdraws into himself. Building a new life, he focuses only on running his bookstore. But his nightmare returns when ten years later, his attacker is released from jail on a technicality.

Sheriff Nicholas Demetris has known and loved Lucas for five years. He doesn't care about physical scars; he's attracted to the silently strong man inside. He knows Lucas feels more for him than he'll admit. Despite being well aware of Nicholas's feelings, Lucas won't allow anyone close, regardless of the feelings in his heart, especially now when he's once again the focus of unwanted and deadly intentions. Lucas can't stand the idea of anyone being hurt for him, but Nicholas is determined to protect him and earn Lucas's love no matter what.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 3.75