Light of the Moon

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Light of the Moon

Susannah Connolly finds herself at a crossroads in her life. Losing her mother to cancer was a hard blow. She takes a trip to France that they had planned to take together to see the famous white horses that live there and visit a church that they believe has ties to their family. Once she gets there she meets Grey Dempsey and his daughter Sari. Surrounded in the mystique of the area she finds herself drawn to Grey.

Grey's life is wrapped up in his daughter Sari. After suffering major injuries trying to stop her mother from running out on them Sari is locked in a world of black and white. Physically all her wounds have healed. Though there's nothing wrong with her she's still colorblind as a result of the accident, which doctors say that is some type of mental block and may clear at any time. Sari holds herself back from life and her father worries about how she reacts to things around her. He doesn't like that five years have passed and she's still refusing to ride the horses she once loved. When she meets Susannah she shows the first signs of coming out of her protective shell.

Can Susannah find a way to help Grey reach his daughter? Is Grey willing to let another woman into his life? Is Sari ready to let Susannah try and help her?

I thought this book was well written and was drawn into the story. However as it progressed I found it to be a little repetitive and predictable. Still it was an enjoyable read.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.50