Leader Of The Pack

Aislinn is on the run, working shitty jobs hiding out from Rafe who has the ability to reach her in her dreams. One night Cullen enters the bar where she's working and ends up rescuing her from an attempted rape by her boss. He gives her the name of a place, man and tells her a job will be waiting for her. Learning he is Lord Arnauk only confuses her more. But when she tells him of the vision she has about an attempt on his life he takes it seriously. Aislinn is brought to his rooms where no other woman has been before. Now along with her problems with Rafe she has a problem with all the other women who want him. Will she be able to deal with living life his way?

Cullen, Lord Arnauk can't explain why he's drawn to Aislinn, but he feels like he has to protect her. When he finds out she has visions that can help him protect his pack he takes it as another sign that she's the one for him. Claiming her brings its own set of complications, but it's too late for him. Now he must protect her while finding the enemy in his camp. Will he be able to save them all? Will he lose her in the end?

Leader Of The Pack is an engaging action packed story bringing legend and lore to the forefront with love and passion vying for attention. The characters are well defined. With more than one villain it's hard to guess what the characters next move will be, which keeps the story from being predictable. I also really liked and appreciated the Gaelic Translation sheet at the end.

Special Notes: Shapeshifting, multiple-partners, some violence.

Book Blurb for Leader Of The Pack

Running for her life, hiding as a waitress in a sleazy bar, Aislinn never dreamed she would meet her soul mate. Compelled to save her, Cullen finds himself inexorably drawn to this mysterious woman. Aislinn believed her life couldn’t get any stranger than it already was, until she happened across Cullen. As Aislinn discovers her lost past and Cullen works to protect his pack, they find themselves stronger together then they ever were apart. Now they just have to convince the pack elders that the alpha werewolf in the pack should be mated to a supposedly human girl.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.25