Innocent As Sin

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Innocent As Sin

When Rand McCree is given the chance to get revenge on the man who killed his identical twin brother he jumps at the chance, knowing this time he'll kill him. Then he reads Kayla Shaw's dossier. He senses she's not part of the problem, but a pawn being used somehow. Now he has two goals kill Andre Bertone, his brother's killer, and keep Kayla safe. Falling for her is just a bonus.

A wealthy client is blackmailing Kayla Shaw and she has two choices. It's either fall in line with her blackmailer's demands, which she doesn't want to do. She could contact the FBI, which she is afraid to do since she's the one who looks like a money launderer. Or she can hold onto choice number three, which comes in the form of Rand McCree and St. Kilda Consulting. She can't turn St. Kilda down knowing they're her best chance for survival. Turning Rand down was never even an option.

In Innocent As Sin, trouble behind every door keeps you turning the pages quickly waiting to find out what happens next. The connection between the hero and heroine is instant and undeniable. Lowell's villain is just twisted enough to make you want him to get what coming to him. I really enjoyed this book and would try anything by her again.

Book Blurb for Innocent As Sin

Kayla Shaw is a private banker in Arizona—smart and capable but underpaid and underappreciated. Rand McCree is a haunted man who paints landscapes in the Pacific Northwest, burning with a need for answers about the terrible event that shattered his world. They are two strangers with nothing in common . . . until their lives entwine—and explode. On what at first appears to be an ordinary day, everything changes for Kayla, as she barely escapes a kidnapping attempt and finds herself accused of a shocking crime: the illegal laundering of hundreds of millions of dollars. Damned by lies and false "evidence," she is trapped with no place to run. After five agonizing years, Rand has finally been offered what he desires the most: the name of his twin brother's murderer. Hungry for vengeance, he accepts a job with St. Kilda Consulting that will place him in the killer's orbit . . . and tantalizingly close to Kayla Shaw. The cold-blooded international criminal responsible for Rand's brother's death has targeted Kayla as his next victim. Since she can't turn to the police, who believe she's guilty as sin, she must place her life in the hands of the shadowy, secretive man who has come out of nowhere to protect her. Suspicious of each other, needing each other, they are two against the world—with unknown enemies on all sides and even the government itself suspect—as the violence of the past erupts in the present. And now innocence alone will not be enough to keep Kayla Shaw alive. . . .

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.50