In His Sleep

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In His Sleep

Photographer Angie Thompson has a problem. The model she had scheduled to pose for a client who designed underwear had dropped out. Now she needed to find a replacement fast. She finds the perfect guy, but he turns her down. Later that night she runs into him in the hotel hallway and they get into a really heavy make-out session. In the end he agrees to help her out. Her pictures come out awesome. Hoping to carry on from where they left off the night before she leaves him a note inviting him to her room. He shows up and she realizes he’s sleepwalking. 
Chad Gregory had never done anything like this in his life, and if it weren’t for his sleepwalking escapade last night he wouldn’t be doing it now. He had no idea how to explain it to Angie then, or later that night when he found himself in her hotel room. Luckily she handles it all for him.
Hot and fun this fast paced read was over way to quickly. The heroine was sassy and bold, while the hero was more the handsome quite type. Worth adding to your pick me up list.

Book Blurb for In His Sleep

Is it possible for the man of your dreams to find you in his sleep?

Angie Thompson is desperate for a hot, male--a last minute replacement model for the most important shoot of her photography career. When she stumbles upon Chad Gregory wandering the halls of her hotel in nothing but a pair of boxers, she can't believe her luck. Not only does Mr. Sexy agree to help her out with the shoot, but he gives Angie the best orgasm she's ever had...right there in the hall...up against the wall. The catch? He won't remember a thing. Chad is sleepwalking.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.25