I Love Lacy

P.I. Mason O'Malley thinks the woman who'd just phoned is a nutcase, but a client is a client so he goes to her place to help her find her missing "priceless" tiara. What he didn't expect was the way his body reacted to her. They forged an instant connection he refused to acknowledge, even though he couldn't keep his ands or mouth off her.

Lacy Kane has a major problem. Someone has stolen her tiara. It has been passed down through generations and was important part of her strength as an Aromatherapian. She knew most people didn't understand or believe, but it was true. To make matters worse when she opened the door to Detective O'malley she was instantly swamped by his smell.

Can he help her find her tiara? Can she help him overcome the fear she smells on him every time they get close?

This hot sexy romp was great quick pick me up. I Love Lacy was fun and exciting with a happy ever after ending you're rooting for.

Book Blurb for I Love Lacy

As an ex-cop turned private investigator in Reno, Nevada, Mason O'Malley thinks he's seen it all. But nothing could prepare him for the kooky phone call about a stolen tiara — or the weird, irresistible woman who places it.

Lacy Kane is a fiery redhead with a love for vintage and a superhuman sense of smell. Her scent energy is grounded in the amethyst that decorates her prized tiara, so she's desperate to get the stolen item back. When she hires a private detective, though, Lacy gets more than she bargained for in Mason, a gorgeous, dominant tough guy with a hypnotic scent.

And that's before the handcuffs come out…


Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00