Holly and the Millionaire

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Holly and the Millionaire

Widow Holly Kirwan has no choice but to take her infant daughter and flee back home. Her in-laws want to raise her daughter in place of their son who was killed in Iraq seven months ago, but that want doesn’t extend to her. She’s frazzled and scared, but determined to due what’s right for her daughter.

Getting seated next to millionaire Justin Devereux is blind luck. When he offers her help getting a job she jumps at the chance. When her in-laws find her she calls Justin for help. He moves her and her daughter Lilly in with him for a price. Can she deal with her strong feelings for him? Will his protection keep her daughter safe?

Millionaire Justin Devereux’s luck failed him leaving him stuck in economy class on a trip from England back to Australia. He ends up being seated with a young mother and daughter. He’s instantly attracted to woman, though he thinks her appearance is waif like. Spotting her wedding ring he curses himself for being attracted to another mans wife. By the end of the long flight he’s learned she a widow and tells her to contact a hospital his company owns for a job, and he gives her his business card to call him if she needs any help. When Holly calls him for help he agrees to help her for a price. He only hopes he can keep his desire for her under control.

This was a slow-paced sweet traditional romance full of love lost and found. The push and pull of the character’s needs and desires were realistically portrayed. An enjoyable read.

Book Blurb for Holly and the Millionaire

Justin Devereux’s girlfriend has dumped him. Worse still, she has swindled him out of millions of dollars. He befriends Holly Kirwan whose soldier husband has been killed in Iraq. Holly flees to Australia to keep her baby out of the clutches of her ruthless in-laws. When Holly finally moves into Justin’s apartment she is racked with guilt. How can she fall in love with another man when her husband is barely cold in his grave? Justin in the meantime, is fighting a desperate battle of his own for emotional survival. He thought safe, commitment free sex was all he ever wanted, but after he has driven Holly away, he realises he can’t live without her.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 3.75