High Lonesome

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High Lonesome

Scott and Beth come together in the odd situation. Scott finds her walking in the desert bruised and unable to remember who she is. He takes her to his ranch and calls for help. The doctor comes and confirms her amnesia and they decided to contact the police to help her find out what happened to her. in the meantime he insist she stay at the ranch, and his daughter says they should call her Beth. He didn’t think he’d fall in love with her, but he did. Will she stay and make both him and his daughter happy?
The doctor told her memory could come back at any time. Now Beth is having flashbacks of a little girl and an angry man, but she has no idea who they are. Spending time with Scott and his daughter she starts to have feelings she knows she shouldn’t. Scott tells her he doesn’t care about her past he wants to be in her future. When a man shows up claiming to be her husband what will she do? 
This story was a bit slow paced, but still a pleasant read. The main characters are enhanced by the secondary ones, my favorite was the hero’s daughter. The ending had a twist that kept it from being too predictable. If you like traditional romances this would be one for you.

Book Blurb for High Lonesome

Scott Landry, steadfast owner of the High Lonesome Guest Ranch in Ghost Rock, New Mexico, happens across a dark-haired beauty who has been assaulted and left for dead in the high desert. She's suffering from amnesia--remembering nothing about the attack, where she's from, or even her name. From the moment Scott lays eyes on the woman they come to call "Beth", he knows everything in his life is about to change.

While recuperating, Beth embraces ranch life and grows close to the sexy, widowed cowboy and his precocious young daughter Willow--discovering a happiness and peace she suspects she's never known. But she experiences terrifying flashbacks and visions of a little girl. When she learns the truth about her life and returns to an uncertain fate, she wonders if she'll ever be safe again...

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 3.75