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Three Stories - Coming In First, Not A Second Too Late & Third Times A Charm

Coming In First

Lissa Malone is looking for a nice guy. She thinks she's found him in Thad Davies. That Thad is really hot is a bonus in her book. She hires him to fix her roof, and they end up having sex. Things are going great until she finds out about Thad's other profession.

Thad Davies runs Loose Screws Construction with his friends Nash and Benny. On the side they've taken on a more carnal enterprise as gigolos. Thad mistakes Lissa for one of his carnal clients and beds her, only to find out she really did want him to fix her roof and ceiling. Can Thad keep his hands off her long enough to finish the job?

Not A Second Too Lose

Genevieve Louton was expecting a fun bachelorette party with loud music, male strippers and lots of alcohol. Dressing appropriately she was shocked to find an elegant tea party being held in her honor. Needing to get out of there she finds herself sitting in a bar eyeing the kind of guy she'd been thinking about all night. When he approaches her coming on strong she boldly asks him to dance naked for her. Touching himself would be good too, as long as he doesn't touch her. But can she stop herself from touching him?

Nash is one of the owners of Loose Screws Construction and gigolo service. He sees a woman in a bar staring at him like he's a steak and she's starving. He approaches her ready for a wild night, but she asks him to dance naked for her. He agrees for a price. After getting to know her will he just let her walk away?

Third Times A Charm

Holly Daringer knows she's crazy for following her cousin Tia's advice to try what she called sexual healing. So what if a friend of her had claimed the guy could do wonders. She had real problems. As a mental health counselor she believed this rare therapy may help, even more when she saw Benny her hot sexy therapist. The problem is she finds out Benny has problems and she wants to help him work through them. Will she be able to heal them both?

Since losing his mother Benny's been throwing himself into the sexual half of Loose Screws Construction and gigolo service. His partners Thad and Nash had stopped performing that part of their services, but he was going strong. His newest client Holly supposedly has problems vocalizing with her lovers. After a few sessions he finds that hard to believe, but he does she that she's helping him work out some emotional problems of his own. Can he make a go of it with her or is he too scared to try?

These fast paced stories were packed with tons of heat and emotion. The depth of Copeland's characters was a driving force, especially in Third Times A Charm. All around it was an enjoyable read.

Book Blurb for Handyman

He's every woman's secret fantasy.the handyman who can service her every need and bring her to ultimate sexual satisfaction.


Lissa Malone loves bad boys, but slam bam thank you ma'am is leaving her body thirsting for much, much more. She's ready for the proverbial Mr. Nice Guy, someone who will lay her down, tease and touch her to the nth degree, and give her pleasure she'd only imagined-hoped-was possible.


Genevieve Louton wanted a fun, sexy bachelorette night, but when her uptight sister crashed the party she had to go find her own male stripper. Now she's eying the rock hard stud across the bar, imagining his slow, seductive dance inside her house afire.


To help Holly Daringer forget her worries, her cousin has come up with the perfect solution: a week of paid sex with a true professional. And the moment he buries himself deep inside her body, she has only one thought: ecstasy, ecstasy, ecstasy.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.25