Flirting in Traffic

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Flirting in Traffic

Doctor Esa Ormond’s sister and best friend have decided it’s time for her to stop acting like she’s as old as her geriatric patients. They say she’s become lame and boring. When she meets Finn and he asks her back to his place she decides to let her wanton side free for the night. After they have a wild bout of sex her common sense kicks in and she leaves while he’s in the bathroom. He finds her the next day at her sister’s office and insists they spend more time together. She knows she should tell him the truth that she’s not the woman he thinks she is. Is she ready to be honest and lose the man who sets her on fire?
Finn Madigan spots sexy Kitten sitting in traffic and his brother tell him he’s meeting her and her friend for drinks. She gives him a nasty look that turns him on and makes him want to know why. He goes to the bar with his brother and after they share a really hot dance ends up bringing her back to his place. Finn’s not ready to give up after one night, but can he get her to give him a second chance?
Fast paced read filled with emotion and heat. I really liked all the characters and the way they played of each other. The idea of lust at first sight turning to love is a winner here.

Book Blurb for Flirting in Traffic

She went off like a red-hot firecracker on his foyer floor, then vanished.

Esa never intended to participate in her best friend’s unorthodox dating scheme—flirting with hunky construction workers in Chicago traffic. Her thoughts changed when she saw a long, lean slice of heaven strutting around the side of the highway. For him, she would be the carefree sex kitten her borrowed car with its suggestive license plates implied she was.

Though smarting from the wounds of a recent breakup, Finn can’t resist the tempting redhead driving the come-and-get-me car, flashing him contemptuous looks with those brandy-colored eyes. The lure of taming the feisty little kitten is just too great to deny…

Reader Advisory: This book contains smoking hot, sexy scenes.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.00