Flat-Out Sexy

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Flat-Out Sexy

Tamara Briggs has every reason to want to find a nice ordinary guy to settle down with. After all she had her go with a man who lived life on the edge driving racecars. His accident and death had left her and her two kids alone. Hooking up with a sexy guy she thought worked in the pit crew of another driver, who happened to be a good friend, was totally out of character for her. Learning he’s a driver was more than she could handle. Can she overcome her fears and take a chance on him?
Elec Monroe rookie race driver meets Tamara and falls hard and fast. The fact that she has kids and her father in-law is enemies with his dad doesn’t stop him from pursuing her. Elec has a few secrets, and ex-girlfriend who is close to becoming a stalker. Still He wants Tamara and is willing to work on making her see they belong together.
Flat-Out Sexy is a Hot, Funny and Tender story that wraps it all up neatly. The character’s are well written and have depth giving them a realistic quality. McCarthy has you rooting for the hero the whole way. I really enjoyed this book and it was over sooner than I wanted it to be. I’ll be keeping my eye out for Imogen and Ty’s story that’s for sure.

Book Blurb for Flat-Out Sexy

Independent single mother Tamara Briggs wanted to find a new, sexy, no-strings-attached man—just not one as young as NASCAR driver Elec Monroe. But he sure does get her heart racing. And after she's tricked into a blind date with him, Tamara gives in to her passion. Things screech to a halt, though, when he asks to meet her children. Whatever happened to wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am? Suddenly Tamara has to decide how much risk she's willing to take to experience the power of true love.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.75