Ellie's Delight

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Ellie's Delight

Ellie Burton needs to find a way to safe her farm. The idea of renting a room to a stranger sounds good, but she's just not sure. Her uncle sets it up so she can try it for a month and see if its something she really wants to get herself into. One look at her sexy new border and she's sure this was a mistake. When he can't seem to keep his nose out of her business she thinks she puts him in his place. Then she falls for him, hard, that is until she finds out who he really is. The question is will Ellie let her stubborn hardheadedness keep her from admitting just how much she loves and wants him in her life?

Sterling Blalock needs a break. Going somewhere where he wouldn't be recognized, using a different name, pretending to be someone he's not didn't seem like a problem until he met the woman he was renting a room from. Ellie's sweet, sexy, and doesn't let him get away with anything so unlike the women he normally meets. When he learns she's having money troubles he finds himself stepping up to help her, even though its against her will. When he realizes its more than lust he feels for her he hopes she'll be able to deal with his lies and accept him for who he is.

A case of a playboy meets girl next door and BAM it lust at first sight. Living with someone you're attracted to can lead to all kinds of trouble and Winter's did a good job of keeping things interesting. I really enjoyed this story it was a pleasurable read. If you like your heroes to have a charming boyhood quality then this book is for you.

Book Blurb for Ellie's Delight

Tall, dark and magnetic, Sterling Blalock lives every man's dream. The CEO of Black Bean Foods is calculating and cunning in his element, but his rationality goes out the window when he rents a room, as Stuart Black, from a fiery brunette rancher named Ellie Burton. He's never met a woman that could melt his heart with her cooking, or one who makes him forget his bank account by straddling a horse with those long, sexy legs. He's determined to close this deal, and take Ellie home as the ultimate dividend...

There's something strange but seductive about Ellie Burton's temporary tenant, Stuart Black. He knows too much about finances for a penniless graduate student, and he's a little too eager to offer his uncle's help in rescuing Ellie's failing farm. Still, she can't help but yield when he flashes those steel gray eyes, and his sensuous lips fuel fantasies for days. She's never felt this way about a man, but then, Stuart isn't just any man...

Ellie and Sterling share a secret. Though they've just met, Black Bean Foods is at the core of Ellie's potential demise. Can Sterling Blalock take a wrong and make it right, winning the woman of his dreams?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.00