Eight Ball

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Eight Ball

Doctor Tracey Nichols works hard and doesn't play much, but she can't resist the chance to spend time with her best friend's cousin Denzil. He's hot, sexy and way out of her normal stratosphere. Between work and the need she feels to be there for her patients there isn't much time for having a love life. Besides not many guys would be willing to play second fiddle to her career. Would Denzil be the exception she was waiting for?

Denzil Wright has been checking her out for a while tying to figure out what it was that was attracting him. When she shows up at the bar to play pool he sees her without her standard white lab coat and stethoscope hiding her curvaceous body he's pleasantly surprised. He takes the time to get to know her better hoping she'd be willing to take a chance on him. At first he thinks she's avoiding him, but he learns more about how dedicated she is and feels ashamed. He really wants her, but can she make time for him?

This is a tale of fierce attraction and heart warming understanding that leads to true love. Taylor does a good balancing act of emotions. I really enjoyed reading this story.

Book Blurb for Eight Ball

Dr. Tracey Nichols doesn't have time for the fun in her life. Work at a Hospice, as well as the local hospital, absorb her waking hours but her interest in the anatomy of the handsome playboy mechanic manages to capture her dreams.

Denzil Wright loves to flirt. He's not ready to be any woman's Mr. Right until he has the chance to spend time with one dedicated, workaholic doctor.

Can love create common ground between the intellectual, labcoat-trussed doctor and the free-wheeling, blue-collar worker?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 3.75