Nathan is tired of the playboy lifestyle. He's also tired of his friend's girlfriend trying to fix him up with every gay man she knows. Why can't they understand he yearns for someone he can love for more than one night? When he runs into Wes at a friend's party he knows he's found the man he was looking for. Back in high school they'd had a back the attraction between them burns brighter than before. He wants him even more now and isn't about to let anything get in his way.

Wes can't deny he wants Nathan and has for years, but Wes has issues in the form of a possessive lover. Though their relationship has long since gone bad his guilt and fear keeps him in it.

Can Nathan prove he's the right man for Wes? Can Wes finally end his relationship and take a chance on the man of his dreams?

I enjoyed this well-written story. It was fast paced and entertaining. I found JM Snyder's characters to be realistic and engaging. Snyder's writing draws you in keeping you turning the pages until the end.

Special Notes: M/M light violence

Book Blurb for Crushed

Once the star of his high school basketball team, Nathan Gayle has played the field for years. Now in his twenties, he’s getting tired of one night stands and heated hook-ups with strangers; he wants something more. Was that asking too much? Wes Roberts has had a fierce crush on Nathan since high school. A chance encounter at prom created a memory Wes still cherishes, one perfect moment in time. His current relationship with Roger pales in comparison, but he’s been with the man for eight months now and they’ve settled into a routine that’s not exactly comfortable. When Wes and Nathan meet up again years later at a friend’s party, the spark between them is rekindled. But there’s Roger, who wrestles with anger and drinking problems...Roger, whom Wes is still dating. Though the choice between the two men seems obvious, breaking up with Roger may be easier said than done...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.75