Crossed Wires

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Crossed Wires

Mina Heppenstall does her best to help all the clients she talks with at the call center were she works. When Peter Kendrick calls in after a minor accident with his car she goes above duty, and beyond the rules. She calls him at home to follow up on his claim. She expects it to end there, but he calls her back to thank her. They begin a strange and tenuous relationship.
Dr. Peter Kendrick professor of geography has an accident with his car he makes a call into his insurance company’s call center. The young woman he speaks with is nice and as helpful as he could expect. When she calls him back to follow up on his claim he’s surprised, even more so to find out she was calling him from home. A few days pass and he calls her back thus beginning a relationship he has no idea how to proceed with.
This was slow paced read, yet enjoyable. I liked the characters and the story line, however I wished at times there was a little more interaction between the main characters to help drive the story.

Book Blurb for Crossed Wires

This is the story of Peter, a Cambridge geography don who crashes his car into a tree stump when swerving to avoid a cat, and Mina, the girl at the Sheffield call centre who deals with his insurance claim. It tracks their parallel lives, as well those of their families - because both Peter and Mina are single parents.

An old-fashioned fairy tale of love across the class divide, it is also a book about the small joys and tribulations of parenthood; about one-ness and two-ness; about symmetry and coincidence; about the things which separate us and the things which bring us together.

It is a story, in fact, of the accidents of geography.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 3.50