Christmas For The Cowboy

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Christmas For The Cowboy

Blurb: “Each year at Christmas Holly Walker gets a week long break from real life. Locked away from reality in a hotel room - with a sexy, tanned cowboy set to please her - she should be content; but she’s not. This year her secrets may destroy everything she holds dear.
Tyson Walker, is a professional Rough Stock Rider who’s home from the circuit recovering from an injury. Faced with an uncertain future, he just wants to forget everything for a while. With a warm, willing woman in his arms and bed for the holidays what could be better?
Their future is uncertain; and the love they share may not be enough. Can Holly convince Tyson to give up the rodeo for her and their unborn child or will this Christmas be their last?”
Holly loves her husband, but she’s tired of living alone with him away on the rodeo circuit. When she finds out she’s pregnant she knows she can’t subject a baby to the same thing. Still she follows through with their plans for a sexual retreat type weekend knowing it may be their last. Though Tyson is dealing with a possible career ending injury she tells him its over and leaves. When he comes back ready to fight she tells him she is pregnant, something she knew he wouldn’t want. How will Ty react?
Fun and playful, yet still able to tug at your heart. I liked the way that Bates held back just enough to keep you wondering. Well worth picking up.

Book Blurb for Christmas For The Cowboy

Tight denim, body oil, a private room and an entire week of hot sex. What more could a girl want?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.25