Body Candy

Book Length: Quickie

Funding for Body Candy, Sophie Jenson’s edible adult candy company, came from a silent source. But she had done so well she is ready to pay off her loan and take full financial responsibility for her company. She knew her financial backer wasn’t happy about it. When a cop shows up looking for “the man”, Zebulon Maddox, she invented as a company head she realizes she maybe be in even more trouble than she thought. Could she trust Brody to save them?
A dirty cop who wants the recipes that body candy produces used to corner the adult candy market killed Brody Burkett’s brother. Now he is after him and the company’s founders. He needs to protect Body Candy and it’s owners. The only way he could do that is to meet with the owners face to face and explain what happened. He shows up at Sophie’s apartment posing as a cop looking for the owner and finds out he has never existed. She has lied to him and yet he still wants her. And he hopes he will be able to find a way to have her. That is if they survive.
Body Candy is a fast paced action packed story. It was a really good read and has a very unique and unexpected ending. If you have a short amount of time to spare you can easily enjoy Ms. Tryst tale.

Book Blurb for Body Candy

Sophia Maddox is not only living her dream, but her fantasies, creating edible Body Candy to aid in sexual fulfillment. Until a sexy detective knocks on her door and threatens to expose her secrets. Little does he know, Sophie will do anything to protect those secrets, even using him as a sexual guinea pig for her newest candy creation.

Though not what he seems, Brody Burkett must investigate a murder, save his silent partner, and prevent his death. But add Sophie to the mix and his sweet tooth—and desire for her—can’t be satiated, even with both of their lives in danger.


Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 4.00