Beyond The Valley

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Beyond The Valley

The woman riding the unbroken horse, as if she belonged on its back, instantly mesmerizes Jonathan Woodwise. He's never seen a sexier sight in all his life. He's torn between acting on his need for her, and protecting his heart. When she brings it to light that he'd known her family he decides it's his job to keep her safe. Can he keep his hands off her in the process?

Victoria McCoy comes to Jonathan Woodwine's ranch to break a horse for him. She can tell he's attracted to her. She wants him too, but is all talk when it comes to men. The only thing stronger than the fear of him is her desire for him to touch her. She doesn't like his overbearing ways. Can she let herself go long enough to face her fears?

This story was good. Jonathan is a typical alpha male, and Victoria's sassiness matches him perfectly. All in all a pleasant read.

Book Blurb for Beyond The Valley

There’s something special about Victoria McCoy, and Jonathan Woodwine knows it. She’s on his ranch to tame a stallion, but after he sees the woman ride, he wants her for his own. What man wouldn’t? She’s as wild as the beast underneath her, and proves it when she breaks the horse in record time. Now Jonathan must find a way to keep her close, because after his eyes have already done the unimaginable to her, he sees little reason to leave his body out.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.75