Better Late

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Better Late

Contemporary Erotica

A second chance can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. For Kelly Stewart running into old friend wrestler "Rabid" Randy Muldoon at a party was the chance to revisit an old friendship. She didn't plan mentioning the crush she'd had on him while they'd worked together. She just hopes he doesn't look too closely because those feelings are coming back quick.

Randy has other ideas. He tells Kelly how much he wanted her back then, but couldn't do anything about it. Now with both of them being single he suggest exploring some of the fantasies they'd had about each other all those years ago. Can they walk away after one night together?

I thought this was a sweet, yet spicy tale of getting a second chance at exploring attraction. Realistic characters have you hoping things will go all the way this time.

Book Blurb for Better Late

It's been twelve years since Kelly Stewart worked in public relations for American Wrestling Entertainment; with a new career and a new divorce under her belt, she's not sure how she'll feel when she attends the gala reunion party. What Kelly doesn't count on is meeting again charismatic pro wrestler Randy Muldoon, also newly divorced. Their warm friendship of a dozen years before is instantly renewed, but Kelly is surprised to learn and finally admit that there was more between them. “Better Late” is about learning that those feelings you had about someone, long ago...well, he had them, too. And now they're both free to consider the possibilities.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 3.75