A Really Bad Hair Day

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A Really Bad Hair Day

The Return of Magic Plague

Erin Tsong successful divorce lawyer is in the middle of questioning someone when she is struck by a strange phenomenon changes humans into vampires werewolves, fairies, trolls, and things of the like. For her the change came with more than a pair of wings or sharp teeth. Mixed in with her long braids were real live actual snakes. They were living, breathing and communicating as part of her. Needing to get a clue on what was going on, and how to deal with it she goes to the local college, which leads assistant professor Callum King to her door.

Cal has theories about what some people are calling a plague. The most unique change notes was Erin Tsong turning into a Gorgon. He claims he needs her to prove his theory right, but along with her new appendages she also has to deal with losing her job, and a worried mother she short on time. Taking on a high profile case defending a vampire just makes things worse. Cal comes to her rescue more than once and

Erin finds herself desiring Cal more, but he hasn't shown any sign of being interested in her as more than a subject. Is he playing hard to get, or do her slithery pals turn him off? Even if he's interested how will she make this work?

Preece concocted a fun and imaginative tale with clever characters. Humor and sass ooze from the heroine. While the hero's being a reserved man left a lot to the reader's imagination, drawing out the suspense of learning whether or not he wanted her. I found it to be an amusing and entertaining tale.

Book Blurb for A Really Bad Hair Day

Lawyer Erin Tsong knows how to put on her game face, intimidate an opposing witness, play tough, but there's such a thing as carrying intimidation too far. At least that's what the judge says when she grows snakes out of her head. And Erin finds herself without a job, without a boyfriend, and with the threat of her mother coming to take care of her. Unfortunately, what happens to Erin is not unique--all over America, people are being transformed--and Erin is caught up in the backlash. A human retrovirus has exposed long-suppressed DNA sequences, sequences that carry the genes for vampires, giants, shapeshifters, and even Gorgons. As the world struggles to deal with the consequences of the transformation, Erin finds herself caught in the middle. She's involved in a high-profile legal case, one aimed at classifying the transformed as violent criminals, but she's also threatened by a group of vampires who believe she's a traitor to the transformed community.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.25