A Christmas Smile

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A Christmas Smile

Tom comes home from the war to find his wife was told he was dead and has remarried. Learning that he’s moved away and has two children breaks what little will he had left. It takes him years to get his battered and bruised body back home to Texas. When he gets there he’s told a woman and her two sons are living on his land. He sent things into motion to have them thrown off. Then he finds out the woman is his wife Beth, and she has her two sons with her. 
Beth hates the Montgomery’s. She has plenty of reason for her burning hatred. After losing her farm and family she takes their two children and goes to the land in Texas that he owned. Once there his family barely acknowledges her and her twin sons. When a stranger comes to town and sparks something deep inside her she feels guilty. Her husband has been dead and gone for ten years, but she still loves him with all her heart.
True love and loss permeate this story. The twist and turns love takes these characters on is heart felt. I enjoyed reading this sweet story.

Book Blurb for A Christmas Smile

After years in a Yankee prison camp, Tom Montgomery returned to Virginia to discover the wife who said she'd love him forever had mistakenly been informed of his death and married another man. Seven years later, Tom returns to Montgomery, Texas to discover Elizabeth has been living at his grandfather's ranch. Can a Christmas miracle heal the pain of betrayal and bring their two hearts together again?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 3.75