Take Me Home Tonight

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Take Me Home Tonight

A Rock Star Romance, #3

I really enjoyed this story. Music, food, strong characters and a variation on “the girl’s got issues” theme caught my attention quickly. I laughed out loud in places, teared up in others, and generally rooted for the characters to get together throughout the story. The story’s staging was believable, albeit a little fantastical, but that is also a mark of good escape reading. I can’t really get into the plot without giving away key pieces of information, though. Suffice it to say that I was happy I chose this book to read!

The pacing of the story was clean and well written. Over and above the relationship between the main characters, Amelia and Calix, family, whether chosen or by blood, was a consistent theme throughout, too. Conversations between characters were comfortable, true friendship talking; and, I could hear myself and my friends in their dialogue. The secondary characters were able to speak for themselves and hold their own in the subplots to the main characters’ interactions. Each subplot reached its own conclusion naturally, too; the author did not force them in order to hustle the book to closure. The subplots also supported the relationship development between Amelia and Calix.

I found the conclusion of the overall story to be nicely handled – the plot was one that could easily have taken a turn for the trite and expected, and it did not. I look forward to reading the stories about the other characters!

Book Blurb for Take Me Home Tonight

A rocker gets a taste of unexpected passion in the latest red-hot Rock Star Romance from the award-winning author of I Want You to Want Me.

Calix Bourbon might seem like a free spirit, but that’s all a front. In reality he’s just trying to keep his fractured family together while working as a session musician. When Blue Fire hires him to replace their keyboardist, Calix is determined to make the most of the opportunity—but he can’t help being distracted by the band’s sexy personal chef.

Mimi’s temporary gig is great, but she has her heart set on auditioning for a televised cooking show. There’s just one problem: she only has a week to acquire the skills necessary to survive the competition. Luckily, the band’s new keyboard player can teach her exactly what she needs, in the kitchen and in the bedroom...

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2016 4.00