Red Hourglass

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Red Hourglass

Hourglass, #1

I came to this book with no set expectations. I was caught by the cover art and wanted to see what was inside. The first chapter, well, the prologue, further piqued my curiosity and I kept reading. I must admit that I came to the end of the story with mixed reactions.

As a debut offering, I found the overall story to be good. I would read a follow-up book to see what else the author develops for these characters. While the premise of this story was interesting – a spin on the White Queen and how she works her influence, and what could happen with that in a modern America – I could not find a steady, common ground with the main character, Scarlet. She came through the pages to me weaker and younger than I thought she would, based on how the story started. The male characters, too, seemed to read as not exactly “real” but I liked how they were framed.

The pacing of the story was good. There is plenty of room for additional plot/character/backstory development. I look forward to additional stories that get into how the group came together, how the Queen came to be, how Wilmar became such a threat, etc. I’m also curious to see how the author’s voice develops over the course of the stories…the bones are there.

Book Blurb for Red Hourglass

A POWERFUL, MYSTERIOUS woman finds a starving homeless girl in a New York subway. She renames the girl Janet and takes her under her wing. Within a few short years, Janet's transformation is complete. She's a beautiful young assassin in the White Queen's covert force. Her code name is Red Hourglass.

Janet's first deep cover assignment is to infiltrate Wilmar Enterprises as Scarlet Walters. She's hired as the secretary to Wilmar's Chief Security Officer, Conan Casey. Her mission is to stop Wilmar's upcoming expansion.

Scarlet soon learns that her boss is heir to the billion dollar Wilmar organization, putting him in grave danger. She tries to resist Conan's dark seductions, but she falls prey to his charms and twisted secrets. He leaves her gasping for more ... wondering if she'll be able to kill him if the order comes.

The stakes are high in this dangerous game of love. Where do her loyalties lie? Will she betray the White Queen for Conan? Can they get out alive? Will she ever know who she really is?

The first in the Hourglass series, Red Hourglass is a dark coming-of-age thriller romance that explores themes of identity, dominance, and submission.  A fast paced read with strong female protagonists. The novel is set in today's globalized world, and infused with undercover agents, poker, tango, and a mix of Eastern and Western philosophy.

A Romance Thriller

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 3.00