Hell of a Ride

Elsewhere, #1

I must confess to an error. I did not catch that this was part of a series, and found that jumping into the middle of a story already in progress didn't work too well. This book is put down as the first in a series, but from where it starts you wouldn't know that.

That being said/written, I did find the characters to read well; their interactions felt like those of a long-term association; and, I did like Saul very much.

I do need to investigate the earlier books in the series to get a better feel for this series, and the characters. I apologize for the abbreviated review, but I cannot give an honest review without the background knowledge.

Book Blurb for Hell of a Ride

It only takes one spark to start a bushfire…and no one sparks like a demon.

Lavie Grye has everyone fooled into believing she’s over the untimely death of her aunt. Truth is, she’s stuck in struggle town, dealing with bottled up grief by kicking some demonic butt. But when a hot, tempting demon named Saul comes knocking for help, she can’t turn him down.

There’s a high-ranking demonic duke loose on the eastern side of Australia, literally scorching his sigil into the land. Unless he’s stopped, he’ll destroy the world’s intricate network of ley lines.

Lavie and Saul head out on a road trip to the next city Saul thinks the three-headed demon and his crazy conjurer partner will be targeting: Melbourne. Along the way, Lavie discovers the danger burns a path all the way back to a well-hidden family secret. And, with Saul’s help, begins to learn how to be comfortable in her own skin.

That is, if they can defeat the threat, ensure no more safe havens are destroyed—and manage to evade the killing shadows of Saul’s past.

Warning: This book features a feisty demon hunter and a demonically sexy prince, embarking on one hell of a road trip. Buckle your seatbelt—jumping the fire line can get dicey.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2016 3.50