What Happens After Dark

What a great read. I really enjoyed this. Bree knows what she likes in the bedroom. That includes a little naughtiness, a little spanking and a good dose of command from a master. When Luke met Bree at a D/S club he thought he'd found the perfect lover. She liked things a little rougher than he was used to but slowly he learned that Bree's kinks fueled his fire and made their sex life more explosive than ever. The downside is that Luke is looking for forever and Bree is scared to commit.

Jasmine writes a great story and it fits the characters to a T. I was routing for Luke even after knowing Bree's issues. I love how Luke learned to adjust to Bree's personal sexual desires but he didn’t let her force him in to anything that would harm her or put her in jeopardy. As Bree spiraled out of control, the reader is held in suspense wondering if it will all fall apart or if Luke and Bree will come out still in love. I couldn’t put this down and fans of Haynes will once again have a satisfying read. This is book 2 in the trilogy but while reading book1 was absolutely enjoyable it is not necessary to know what’s going on. The author does a great job of creating secondary characters that stand on their own with each novel and not needing any info dump to jump right in to the story.

Book Blurb for What Happens After Dark

She's pushed all the limits-but can she finally free herself completely?

Bree Mason wants more out of life, but she is ruled by fear and controlled by her secrets. And there's one great secret she's hidden for years, even from herself. But now a tragedy is causing her carefully constructed world to unravel...

Bree is like no other woman Luke Raven has ever known. He's always given her what she's asked for. But now he craves more-a lot more. Luke wants a relationship outside their strictly sexual affair. But can he help Bree exorcise her demons and free her from her abusive past?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.50