The Hunter

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The Hunter

Realm, #2

The Hunter by Eve Langlais was a good solid read.  At times the story lagged but overall the author did a good job.  The only downside was the excessive baby talk by the heroine’s 3-year-old child.  It didn’t sound real and was at times difficult to decipher.  The characters were well developed and the plot was consistent.

Book Blurb for The Hunter

Suzie and her twins tired of running from a violent ex, decide to settle down in sweet suburbia. But forget the quiet life, meet Hunter, Suzie’s hot next door neighbor. Masquerading as a private eye, in truth he’s a tracker from a magical realm on a quest to keep his world’s existence secret. Little does he know that love has its sight on him.

To survive a threat from Suzie’s past and a predatory shapeshifter from the Realm, they will rely on the special skills that only the Hunter possesses. But will the Hunter allow himself to be caught for the sake of love?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 3.50