Private Dancer

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Private Dancer

For those that love second chance at love romances, you will enjoy Private Dancer. Sheri Whitefeather starts readers off with Jay paying a surprise visit to the nightclub where his ex wife works as a stripper. Frustrated by her job and yet drawn to her even after their divorce, he pays for a lap dance. Beverly can't believe it when she spots her ex in the crowd and dancing for him brings back the memories of how they met and fell in love.

At times I was on Jay's side understanding his jealousy and desire to have his wife just to himself and then I was on Beverly's side because she was a stripper when he met her. This was interesting as readers have to wait to see if these two old lovers will be able to conquer the demons of their past and make it work a second time. This was a full length book but the story flowed quickly and I was finished before I knew it. Whitefeather is an author I will check out again.

Book Blurb for Private Dancer

Another scorching erotic romance from national bestselling author Sheri Whitefeather.

It's been two years since Jay and Beverly divorced- and Jay still can't get her off his mind. Even more frustrating is that Beverly hasn't given up her job as a stripper at a local club-so close, yet so untouchable, unless Jay's willing to pay.

Old passions and jealousies lure him to the club. But when Jay pays for a lap dance, it only makes him want her back, and want her bad. Now for Jay and Beverly, it's the second time around. But this time, there are going to be a few changes, and what happens between them is that last thing either expected.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 3.50