Past Midnight

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Past Midnight

Jasmine Haynes is ranked in my top 5 erotic authors. She has a way of writing very hot sex scenes and yet sweet heroines and the heroes that love them. Past Midnight starts with a married couple struggling to save their relationship after the death of their son from a virus he picked up on a school trip. Dominic has tried everything possible to reach out to his wife, to get her to communicate with him so they can pick up the pieces of their marriage and move forward. It's the worst time possible for something like this since on the heels of this is a potential lawsuit that jeopardizes the very company they built together. Erin can't allow herself to accept the forgiveness and compassion in her husband's eyes. Every day she is reminded of their son's death in some small way and feels like it is her penance to never be happy again. The only time she allows herself a measure of peace is in the dark of night when she reaches out for her husband in passion.

This story starts off so moving and deeply emotional that a reader can't help but be drawn in. I wanted this couple to make it from the first page. Dominic is a hero that is an above and beyond husband. He has no intention of giving up on Erin and so begins an erotic, sensual journey that will draw these two back together. Have a tissue ready for the tears but prepared for some smoking sex scenes and a m‚nage moment in a hot tub that will have fans in need of cooling off. Haynes has another home run.

Book Blurb for Past Midnight

It's time to push the boundaries of erotic sensibility.

A devastating blow rocked Erin and Dominic's marriage, and now only extreme sexual games can soothe their emotional pain. But their most daring erotic adventure is just ahead, and it could ultimately destroy everything they hoped to save.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.00