Living on the Edge

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Living on the Edge

An Edge Novel, #1

As a huge fan of Shannon K Butcher I was very excited with her return to the world of romantic suspense. While I enjoy her paranormal, I feel it is the category of contemporary that truly allows Ms. Butcher's talents shine. Living on the Edge is the first book in what looks like an exciting new series.

Lucas is done being a soldier. He needs to make plans for his new life but his old boss and mentor requires one last favor. It seems simple even a little suspicious. Keep Sloane off a plane bound for Columbia. Sloan is not so easy to take down however. She's almost as well trained as Lucas causing him to wonder what lies behind her pretty face. Sloan has never had any use for her father. He refused to train her or teach her how to be a soldier so she's joined an elite unit of fighters that hire out as mercenaries. The intro to this is exciting as the hero and heroine have a run in during Sloan's assignment as a bodyguard. Lucas thinks she's the target and Sloan thinks Lucas is the enemy. This was a great foray back in to Shannon K Butcher's home stomping ground. The plot was realistic and I enjoined the interaction between Lucas and Sloan. Lucas's old mentor and Sloan's father actually had a reason for his behavior and that lead to the believable factor in this story. Longtime fans will be doing a cheer for this and lots of hoping that there are plenty more romantic suspense’s coming from this author. 

Book Blurb for Living on the Edge

With her thrilling Sentinel Wars series, Shannon K. Butcher pushed readers to the very edge of their imaginations. Now, with the first in her new action romance series she takes them to the very edge of their seats, following the loves and lethal lives of a group of hardened mercenaries who live on the edge-and beyond...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.00