Lick of Frost

While I enjoyed Lick of Frost, I didn’t love it as much as I have previous work by this author.  I loved how J.A. Saare put a fresh spin on the bite from a wolf to his mate.
In this story, we once again visit the Trevlian family, a wonderful group of hot alphas with green eyes.  The story and plot were great and the villains curse on the heroine was really interesting although his defeat in the end fell flat.  I love that J. A. Saare is so descriptive in her work.  The words she uses make for a really good and believable read.  The romance in this was not necessarily as intense for me but I enjoyed the sex scenes.  Vivid, hot and well written are a few words that really sum the story up.  The sensuous love scenes between the hero and heroine are erotic without being raw.  I love, love, love reading Ms. Saare’s novels and can't wait for anything else she releases.  Romance readers will feel satisfied reading Lick of Frost.

Book Blurb for Lick of Frost

Genre: Werewolf Erotic Romance
Book Length: Novella
Heat Level: Hot
Word Count: 24,700
Onyx “The Ice Princess” Blackthorn has yearned for the nearness of another for two centuries. Cursed after she shunned the advances of a lovelorn wizard, she ventures to New Orleans with his coven, desperate to put an end to the isolation that is slowly killing her.

One searing touch informs Lycae Luke Trevlian he has found his mate, a breathtaking creature that can only be adored from afar. For to touch Onyx’s skin is to touch the ice trapped within, ensuring she remains pure for the one that hexed her.

Halloween is a time of magic, and with the new moon, a time of new beginnings. When the wizard that cursed Onyx returns to flesh and blood, eager to claim her for his own, Luke will challenge him for the one woman he cannot live without.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 3.75