Lawe's Justice

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Lawe's Justice

A Novel of the Breeds, #26

For Breed lovers, Lawe's Justice has been eagerly awaited. Leigh continues the saga with this familiar fan favorite. The story starts with a defining moment in Lawe's life that explains a little about why he and twin brother Rule are mate shy. Unfortunately, the mating heat spares no one and Dian Broen is the female half of Lawe's heart. Readers may recognize Dian as sister to Rachel who is mated to Jonas. Her character has been fighting for breeds rights going toe to toe with council soldiers. Now Jonas has a mission for her and it will put Lawe's mate in the center of trouble. He has a choice to make, ignore his mate or claim her for once and all.

Familiar characters are present but not in a manner that overwhelms the hero and heroine. We also progress further in the plot and the changes that have come with hard scientific study on the mating heat. No longer slaves to their passion, each mate is almost given breathing space to learn and love the one nature has selected.

I love Lawe. The author has a way of making you just fall in love with her heroes and sympathize with their often tragic past.

For books that have been recently plagued with editorial miscues, I'm pleased to say that there were only a few issues, one being the date of Lawe rescuing Dian. Overall this was a satisfying read and I'm clamoring for another.

Book Blurb for Lawe's Justice

#1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh returns to the world of the Breeds where animal instincts can bring a feral pleasure to every man and his willing female mate.

Mating heat gives him the Heebie Jeebies. It makes his stomach clench. It makes his teeth grind. Not because he wants to avoid it.

Sure as hell not because he's searching for it and can't find it. No, it's the woman he's sensed is his mate, the woman that makes him insane every time they cross paths. The one woman he knows he can never, ever tame. The mercenary sister of Jonas’ mate, Diane Broen. And he doesn’t mean mercenary in the monetary sense. Oh hell no, he couldn’t be that damned lucky. Diane is the commander of a small group of rough and ready male soldiers. A woman living on the edge, and threatening to pull him over with her.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 3.75