Hungry for Touch

1 Night Stand Series

This book is short, simple and sweet. While this short is billed as 40 pages, the first 6 are for credits and the last page is an author’s note so you. So really you get about 33 pages. With that in mind I believe the author did a good job on presenting a one night stand between two individuals set up on a date. The hero a soon to be retiring soldier named Nate was very clearly drawn and I liked him instantly, aside from one rude comment he made to the heroine. Kimber Dawson the heroine had a background that didn’t come through for me. 5 years ago she had a car accident, was in a coma for two days and this left her with an inability to climax sexually. Everyone also thinks she's different from friends and family but there's no explanation for what specifically is different about her and how it’s from the two day coma.

Overall I was able to enjoy this story like a small box of sample chocolates, despite that oddity. There were a few other blanks I would like to have had filled in such as who set Nate up for the date, but again well done by the author with the limited words and pages.

Book Blurb for Hungry for Touch

Kimber Dawson hasn't been able to connect with any man since her accident. Something inside seems broken...and 1NightStand may be her last hope to prove she isn't the ice queen men have claimed her to be. Can one man's touch do what others couldn't? All she wants is to feel a connection. For a night, an hour, or even a moment. Anything more would be unexpected.

After his third deployment in Afghanistan, Nate Brennan is a jaded soldier who has tasted the bitter and now aches to taste the sweet. Gone too long without sexual affection, he yearns for a woman to welcome him home with open arms and no expectations beyond the morning. Anything more would be unacceptable.

Two world weary souls will realize things can get very complicated when passion is satisfied...and a new hunger takes its place.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 3.75