His Redeemer's Kiss

This was really an enjoyable read taking the classic plot of an ancient Vampire who believes his time is at an end.  Joaquin Ramirez is about to face the dawn so that he doesnt succomb to a blood craze when the voice of Lily Jaspers gives him a wake up call. Lily is tired of his telepathic whining and wishes he would get over himself. this all happens within the first few pages and I was immediately engrossed in the story.  No one had ever spoken so carelessly to this ruthless vampire and he is at once intrigued an annoyed with Lily.

I think His Redeemer's Kiss must be part of a series since the storyline seemed to be picking up after a big escape or major battle.  Lily is being protected by a group of paranormal individuals who rescued her from a lab that was experimenting on humans.  Diana Castilleja did a great job on making this a stand alone novel but I was still curious about the secondary characters and the relationship they already seemed to have with one another.

Book Blurb for His Redeemer's Kiss

Seeking redemption from his inner demons, peace comes from the least likely of sources.

After existing for three hundred years, Joaquin Ramirez has fought the last nightly battle for his sanity. Rather than relinquish his tenuous hold on humanity, to not become the soulless monster that lives within him, he has decided suicide is a more honorable death. Until an unknown voice whispers from the darkness to literally shout at him—‘coward’.

Lily Jaspers is an enigma to Joaquin. A woman who has been abused, her internal pain shrouds her telepathic words. Yet she is living with, protected by, the very creatures Joaquin has no trust in—the Brethren. Maniacal and cruel, the Brethren are the vampire society as it is known, and feared, by humans. They are soulless beings who were once men of honor, like Joaquin. The one he faces who protects Lily is, in fact, the most adept and strongest he’s ever met. The whole situation intensifies when the home where he found the holder of the enchanting voice is attacked by a human force that leaves no doubt none were expected to survive.

Fleeing under the cover of night sets a path for both Joaquin and Lily that neither will be able to escape as danger from her past, alongside the secret of his reality, threaten not only them, but the freedom Lily and her friends have fought so hard to achieve. A freedom that can be destroyed in the blink of an eye.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 3.50