Hers for the Evening

Delightful!! There is no better word to describe this anthology.  Haynes always come through.  As a huge fan, her stories always give me a solid feeling-pleasure.  This anthology focuses on women. The heroines in each story want to shake things up and have no problem going after what they want. The sex is scorching a la Haynes and had me eagerly turning the pages. 

My favorite would be the first two stories.  Hers for the Evening has everything you expect and more. I highly recommend this erotic novella of delight.

Book Blurb for Hers for the Evening

Three sexy novellas about the Courtesans-and the men and women who hire them.
Jasmine Haynes jacks up the sexual tension with the Courtesans-a venture that helps men and women devise steamy plans to seduce and ravish the loves of their lives...
In the first story, a husband plans to fulfill his wife's every desire- with a little bedroom help from the ever-inventive Courtesans.
In the second, a female CEO hot for a male CFO consults the Courtesans, who figure that sleeping with a lookalike should suffice. A perfect plan, but for one thing: the real guy is watching.
And finally, one woman's husband has died in the arms of another, and she can hardly forgive his business partner for keeping the infidelity a secret. So he forms a plan with the Courtesans. And in it, she might just lose her inhibitions-and her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.00