Her Shadow Warrior

Her Shadow Warrior by Mckenna Chase had a really great premise. Elena Ricci is staying at a beach house to recover from a disastrous marriage. An evil Shadow warrior is after her life force because she is considered special and treasured. Then you have Dariun, an elite Shadow Guard sent to protect her. Knowing this was a short read-72 pages, still made this difficult to enjoy. Chase removed the showing aspect of the story by telling everything about it with a back and forth dialogue between the hero and heroine within the first 10 pages of the story. Readers would have enjoyed seeing this story as it slowly unfolded and learned the plot and history of the shadow guards that way as well.

Instead the story felt rushed and the dialogue long and tedious since it was used to convey the story as opposed to showing any relationship development for Elena and Dariun. The ending was also a huge cliff hanger where you don't know what happens to the heroine or if the hero gets in trouble for his final act to help her.

Book Blurb for Her Shadow Warrior

Dariun Lethos, shadow guard from the realm of Shadow Warriors, has been sent to protect the beautiful mortal, Elena Ricci, during the cycle of the Blue Moon from the rogue shadow guard who is after her ‘life force’. The beautiful human he’s been sent to protect stirs his passion like no other. An unexpected complication that could put his mission in jeopardy.

The shadowy figure that comes to Elena's rescue on the moonlit beach both frightens and arouses her. She tries to convince herself that the dark, sexy warrior exists only in her dreams, but his sensual touch soon convinces her otherwise.

What price is Dariun willing to pay to save the only female to ever touch his heart? And will Elena's past keep her from trusting Dariun completely, leaving her vulnerable to the Rogue Shadow determined to steal her 'life force'?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 2.75