Feather Torn

Raptors Revealed, Book Four

I never would have thought that a story about shifter owls could be hot. Boy was I wrong. Feather Torn takes a classic shifter romance and gives it a nice spin by having the hero be an owl. Of course if you think of it they are birds of prey and Rock Halk is not to be taken lightly.

Darla Sheridan is a leopard shifter full grown but her family still goes out of their way to protect her and treat her as a female in need of care. But Darla knows her feelings for Rock are the real thing and she's not going to let the fact that he's an owl stand in her way. This was an enjoyable shifter romance and O'Clare brings on the heat with these two. Darla and Rock end up thrown together despite their family’s wishes when visiting panthers come into their territory with a plan to knock off the leaders of their quiet town. Readers will enjoy this case of opposites attract in the truest sense of the word.

Book Blurb for Feather Torn

Rock Halk has kept his secret long enough. Owls won’t humiliate themselves by showing emotions, but some feelings are too hard to keep buried. Especially when it’s need—hard, hot and carnal—burning in his veins whether he walks as a man or flies as an owl. His desire for Darla Sheridan has grown so strong he doesn’t care who knows or who might smell her beautiful, enticing scent on him after he makes passionate love to her.

There is one problem. Darla doesn’t view it as so much of a problem, more like a catastrophe. She’s fallen in love with Rock. Her feelings have grown too strong to keep inside. But her family won’t allow it. No matter how much they think of Rock—and they do think highly of him. Rock comes from the most prominent family of owls in Banff. He walks and flies with honor. Darla’s family is good friends with him. But Darla is a leopard and Rock is an owl. Leopards and owls don’t mate.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 3.75