Corporate Needs

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Corporate Needs

I liked Corporate Needs in parts. I didn’t love it but there were parts where I thought it was really good and then it would segue into parts that were confusing for me or didn’t fit the flow of the story.

Princess Watkins is a dominatrix at a retreat run by friends where club members can come and explore their kink to the fullest. Erik Hendrix is just out of a bad relationship and takes up his friend's offer to check out his retreat for BDSM followers in hopes of taking on a job as a new Dom.

Its quite a surprise for Erik and Princess as they realize their fighting for the same role as head Master at the retreat. The plot seemed interesting except initially I truly got the feeling that Princess hated and looked down on BDSM and anyone that participated in the life. I didn’t get the feeling she was dissatisfied with her role until the second half of the book. I think the author could have conveyed Princess's feelings of confusion about her role as a dom vs sub better because I took an instant dislike to her based on her behavior at the beginning of the book. I liked Erik. He was very well developed and while I think his previous relationship was a little weird and didn’t seem to fit based on his relationship with Princess.

The friends that owned the retreat could have used a lot of work. May and Winston were portrayed as kind friends helping out their friends and then they were real witches to Erik and Princess about things they themselves had done. I really didn’t care for them or the way they treated so called friends. The side-plot with the suspense and the person causing havoc was also not in line with the flow of the story and came out of nowhere. So all in all I enjoyed it in parts.

Book Blurb for Corporate Needs

Princess Watkins was damn good at her job as a Dominatrix at Suite Surrender, an exclusive BDSM B&B owned by her friends May and Winston Biggers. At least she thought she was before Winston decides to bring in his friend, Dominant Erik Hendrix, for consideration as his replacement as Dungeon Master over all of the Doms and Dommes working there.
Erik Hendrix expected to be made Dungeon Master at Suite Surrender. What he didn't expect was to be competing for the spot. He also didn't expect that his competitor would be a very sexy Domme. Too bad he has a strict policy against dating another Domme.
With her skills questioned, Princess wonders if maybe she should go "vanilla" and date the dull, new accountant. But with her strong pull to Erik, she's also starting to question her role as a Dominatrix.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 3.50