Cold Touch

Extrasensory Agents, #2

Leslie Parrish is a new author for me and she definitely makes my auto buy list after reading Cold Touch.

Olivia was kidnapped as a child and came out of the event with the ability to read the last two minutes of a victim's life when she touches them. Only Detective Gabe Cooper can see what a toll this takes out on her and even he doesn't believe in the paranormal world. Unfortunately, a series of murders in his Georgia town leave him depending on Olivia and her group of psychic detectives. Male children between the ages of eight to ten have disappeared over the course of the years and now one young boy's body leads to the unraveling of a ten year old case involving Olivia directly.

I am beyond intrigued by the members and friends that work with Olivia. All of them have a talent that closely links to death or the ghost that don't quite go over. Even Olivia's ability to view the death for the last two minutes was amazing. Parrish's style of writing is very similar to Karen Rose and fans will easily fall in love with this series. There are a lot of plot twists and turns yet the balance between suspense and romance is handled so well. Watching Olivia and Gabe fall in love as he slowly starts to believe in her ability drew me in. The author did a great job not rushing it and making sure every step while the pursued the case was believable. Even a major event during the course of the story had me gasping yet going along with it. Excellent job and well worth the read.

Book Blurb for Cold Touch

Since being gifted-or cursed-with the ability to touch a lifeless body and relive the deceased's final moments, Olivia Wainwright has died a hundred deaths. And every glimpse into this darkness draws her deeper into danger.

Though he doesn't believe in psychics, Savannah Detective Gabe Cooper offers her a glimmer of light. As their bond deepens, Olivia will have to choose between her cold gift and the warmth Gabe can provide. And Gabe can't refuse when she needs his help solving a crime that's haunted her for over a decade-her own murder.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.50