An Unforgettable Lady

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An Unforgettable Lady

Per Ms. Ward aka Jessica Bird this is an old rewrite before her vampire/ lesser days. That does not take away from the awesomeness that one will find in An Unforgettable Lady. Think military man turned private bodyguard a la Lisa Marie Rice. In fact, I would have thought I was reading one of Ms. Rice's wonderful tales as this was a lot spicier than I'm used to from the Warden lately. The sexual tension and passion is instant and engaging.

The author also talks of how the story isn't strung together as well as she likes because she was a fly by her seat of the pants writer as opposed to a plotter back then. After reading this I can say I didn't notice any deficiencies. I loved John Smith's character. He was gruff and tough with a gooey center. Grace was a heroine that readers can enjoy. Rich without being obnoxious about it though John finds that hard to believe in the beginning. When a serial killer starts offing women of her elite crowd, its her best friends idea to have John protect Grace at all cost. There is a unique twist in this with Grace being married but Ward/Bird handles it well so don't let that keep you from reading this great story.

Book Blurb for An Unforgettable Lady

Grace Hall is a society beauty-but her fortune has made her the target of a madman killing off Manhattan's most influential women. Her new live-in bodyguard is uncompromising, hard-hearted John Smith. Moving into Grace's penthouse is the last thing he wants, but saying no isn't an option. As he lays down the rules for his new client, angry sparks ignite between them-as does an incendiary desire. As the warm nights grow hot, and the killer closes in, Grace and Smith face a crucial choice: follow the rules or follow their hearts.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.00