Alien in the Family

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Alien in the Family

Aliens / Katherine "Kitty" Katt, #3

Gini Kock brings back our favorite human Kitty Kat and her hot fianc‚ Alpha Centurion Jeff Martini. The story picks up a few months after the last book and Kitty is having the worse trouble nailing down the details for her wedding to Martini. In fact she hasn't really made any plans. Adding to her pre wedding jitters; it looks like Martini's family from the home world has decided to pay a visit to the almost bride and see if she's got what it takes.

In the beginning of the story Koch struggles a bit with a huge info dump as she sets up the story. Usually as a reader I love being in Kitty's mind and trying to figure out her thought processes but this time it seemed as if the author overly used Kitty's subconscious. Her thoughts were bogged down with Koch's attempt to squeeze the whole set up for the plot in Kitty's brain. I must admit to some frustration with this during the first couple of chapters. After the plots were set up thoroughly, the author finds her stride and the story evens out to the familiar Alien series I know and love. The banter between Kitty and Jeff is still there but the focus of book 3 is on the developing friendship between James Reader and Kitty. Readers will recall Kitty's fellow human in the fight against the aliens. It was great seeing these two awesome characters relate and the humor was there in abundance. I was a little disappointed that we didn't get as much byplay from Kitty's "boys" and personal squad other than a few lines here and there. I also thought Jeff's character was played down a bit and his jealousy seemed to be the only side of him displayed heavily in this installment. All in all, this was still a good read and definitely adds to the overall journey of our best friend Kitty Kat.

Book Blurb for Alien in the Family

Super-Being Exterminator Kitty Katt and the Alpha Centaurian she loves, Jeff Martini, should be finalizing their wedding plans. But that was before she discovers Jeff is in line to become Emperor back on his home world. Kitty knows she is everything a royal family wouldn't approve of, and is bracing herself for the worst. As it turns out, the royal family is just the beginning. Especially when extraterrestrial Amazonian terrorists are determined to start and end Kitty and Jeff's nuptial festivities with a bang.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 3.50