A Light at Winter's End

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A Light at Winter's End

Cedar Springs, #3

In her latest contemporary romance novel, Julia London treats us to the story of Holly, the younger sibling to her seemingly perfect older sister, and Wyatt, a man trying to recover from losing his wife.

The strength of this story lies in characters and their atypical circumstances. When Holly is forced to care for her nephew, it isn't an immediately happy situation. London shows how the character felt inconvenienced and how she changes throughout the story to create a new life that works for her and Mason. The same goes for Wyatt. In a previous installment (which I now desperately want to read), Wyatt's wife leaves him for her first husband who has come back from the dead. Understandably, he is still smarting from the failed marriage, but determined to remain active in his daughter's life.

Julia London addresses the dynamics of sibling relationships, addiction, and blended families very well. Each issue is seamlessly woven into the story and given attention and resolution. While I loved that the ending, specifically in regard to Holly and Mason, didn't end perfectly, I would have liked just a little something more between Wyatt and Holly.

A Light at Winter's End is a calm, sweet story of love - the love of a parent and child, as well as the love between a man and a woman. 

Book Blurb for A Light at Winter's End

Whose baby is he?

Hannah has always done everything right: getting married, having a baby, caring of her mother in her final days, all the while performing impeccably in a high-level job. Her sister Holly is the college dropout, the one who works at a coffee shop and wants to be a songwriter. Then one day perfect Hannah suddenly--without explanation--leaves her baby with Holly and disappears. What Holly knows about babies is laughable, but she takes little Mason to the empty family homestead, where she meets Wyatt Clark, a close-mouthed, handsome cowboy who is mysteriously good with babies. And then, just as Holly can no longer imagine her life without either Mason or Wyatt, Hannah returns for her son...

In an emotional new novel that is also a tender love story, New York Times bestselling author Julia London brings back a sexy hero from Summer of Two Wishes while posing the toughest question about the meaning of family: How do you make a heartbreaking choice about someone you whom you love more than yourself?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 3.75