Voice of the Undead

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Voice of the Undead

Alex Van Helsing, #2

Alex Van Helsing is a Polidorium agent in training. Things are going badly at Glenarvon Academy. After being attacked by vampires, Alex is responsible for the school having to move to a new location after facing new creatures he's never seen before. Then Ultravox comes to town, he specializes in killing. What does he have planned and what does Alex have to do with those plans? What will happen with Alex and the gang? After all, what can possibly go wrong with vampires in the mix?

"Voice of the Undead" by Jason Henderson, is the amazing sequel to Alex Van Helsing Vampire Slayer. This book has lots of twists and turns that will keep you guessing to the very end. You have famous parents, their children controlled by vampires and everyone trapped on a yacht. Watching Alex face this had me completely enthralled and eagerly reading the whole book through. I always finish Jason Henderson's books eager for the next one to come out.

Book Blurb for Voice of the Undead

Now that Alex is in the know about the deadly vampires that live--and hunt--clustered around his boarding school, everything is different. Putting his talents to use, Alex is training with the Polidorium to become a vampire hunter, just like his Van Helsing ancestors. Sure, he's only fourteen, but c'mon, this runs in his blood.

Meanwhile, Alex's arch-nemesis Elle, a vampire whose youthful appearance and blond hair disguise a vengeful rage, is out to get him before a powerful leader called "Ultravox" arrives on the scene. Ultravox specializes in assassinations, but who is he targeting? Dodging Elle's attacks, Alex is on a mission to uncover Ultravox's deadly plan before his friends and his school become collateral damage. There's no time to report back; innocent lives hang in the balance, and it's up to Alex to act now--or else.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 5.00