The Survivors

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The Survivors

The Sequel to Memory Boy

Over two years ago, the ash started falling. Multiple huge volcanoes erupted, and soon the old way of life is gone. So how will the family survive winter out in the woods in the cabin Miles got them to safely? For Miles his main concern is keeping his family safe and making it through the winter. For Sarah, her goal is to get life back to normal by doing such things as going to school again. But in a destroyed world, can life ever get back to normal?

"The Survivors" is the outstanding sequel to "Memory Boy" by Will Weaver. I was so happy that the story of Miles and his family was continued. This book is an intriguing look at a horrible event and a family's struggle to survive. This is a must read for those who loved those juvenile survival books and longed for more mature novels.

Book Blurb for The Survivors

For Miles and his sister, Sarah, the real disaster started in the violent aftermath-when they were forced to leave their cushy suburban home and flee to the north woods for safety. Miles got them to a cabin, but now winter is setting in, and the cabin doesn't have heat or electricity. The volcanoes changed the world. Now, in order to survive, Sarah and Miles must change with it.

Will Weaver delivers an extraordinary sequel to Memory Boy, showing that several basic instincts lie deep inside us all: love, fear, and survival.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.25