The Goblin Gate

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The Goblin Gate

Goblin Book 2 (Ages 10 and Up)

Jeriah's brother Tobin is their father heir, until Tobin goes to the Other World Kingdom, and Jeriah becomes heir in his place. But Jeriah must try to find a way to bring his brother back, because after two months, it is certain death. Meanwhile Tobin is trying to set up a new goblin settlement with Mekenna, the Hedgewitch, who opened the Goblin Gate for them to go through. But right away things start to go wrong in the Other World Kingdom. Wood warps and thread rots overnight for no explainable reason. Survival for everyone is at stake. In the real world, Jeriah is facing troubles of his own. While trying to find the necessary papers to save his brother, Jeriah becomes caregiver for Hierarch, the most important priest in all the kingdom. Jeriah must balance his duties to his kingdom, his concern for his brother, while investigating a plot that reaches to the highest levels.

"The Goblin Gate" was a wonderful sequel to the book "The Goblin Wood." While not normally a fan of the fantasy genre, I deeply enjoyed both books and am eagerly awaiting the next. I picked this book up not expecting to like it very much and it turned out to be one of my favorite reads. Reading "The Goblin Wood" first will make "The Goblin Gate" more enjoyable, thought it's not necessary to. The way Hilari Bell combined two viewpoints into one story was one of my favorite feature of this book. I am already on my second reading of this series. A definite must read for all fans of fantasy and adventure.

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The Goblin Wood - Book 1

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.75