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Continues the story of a not-so-ordinary girl named Laurel - Book 2 of 4

Laurel's parents now know that she is a faerie. While her father loves it, her mother hasn't acted the same way since she found out. Now she is going to school in Avalon during the summer while trying to relearn her past. She must balance between the two guys in her life while fighting trolls, protecting her friends and family, and finding a way to protect Avalon.

Aprilynne Pike's second entry in this fae series is just as fact-paced as the first, with even more action and drama. I enjoyed reading the dilemma Laurel went through balancing her human and her faerie life. I recommend this book to those who love fantasies, magic and faeries and those who enjoyed "Wings."

Book Blurb for Spells

In clean, fresh prose, never wilting in momentum as some middle volumes do, this second installment stays fragrant throughout. Laurel's a faerie, and faeries are plants. On her back, a blossom sprouts annually; she binds it down under her shirt to keep the secret. Briefly visiting magical Avalon, where she was born (but which she doesn't recall), she studies plant lore and faerie society. As is traditional in supernatural romance, two boys want her: human David, warm and devoted, and faerie sentry Tamani, sizzlingly attractive and pining for Laurel's return. Trolls stalk and entrap Laurel and her loved ones in the human world, seeking revenge and the gateway into Avalon, while a slick human woman with a special-ops team helps defeat trolls but rouses Laurel's suspicion. As in Wings (2009), Pike brazenly codes physical deformity and asymmetry as evil, and her engagingly clear prose sometimes blunders into floridness when describing Avalon. Among the current cornucopia of supernatural romances (and despite the presumably unintentional humor of a heroine who literally tastes like nectar), though, this one blooms.  

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.25