Soul Bound

A Blood Coven Vampire Novel

Sunny and her vampire boyfriend Magnus are now on the run as they've been accused of treason. They are wanted dead or alive. Luck is not on their side as Sunny's twin sister Rayne is sent to track them down. Rayne has been ordered by Slayers Inc. to find Sunny and Magnus and give them to Consortium. But if she takes them there the Consortium director will kill them both. But want can Rayne do when if she does her job her sister is killed but if she doesn't both her and boyfriend Jareth will die, and possibly all the vampires in the Blood Coven. With such a dangerous choice, who will she be forced to choose, Sunny or Jareth?

I love the Blood Coven books. I always enjoy reading about Sunny and Rayne's adventures. These books are really unique and the plots always leave me surprised. I can't wait to read the next book is this series.

Book Blurb for Soul Bound

Sunny McDonald and her vampire boyfriend, Magnus, are on the run-accused of treason and wanted alive...or undead. And her twin is the slayer sent to track them down.

Rayne would do anything to save her twin sister, Sunny, from the Vampire Consortium dictator who wants her dead. Instead, she's been commissioned by Slayer Inc. to find Sunny and Magnus and deliver them to the Consortium...which Rayne knows means certain death. She also knows that if she and her boyfriend, Jareth, disobey orders, they are signing not only their own death warrants, but also those of every vampire in the Blood Coven.

As a rival slayer with a personal vendetta moves in, Rayne and Jareth must do something to stop her. So they embark on their most dangerous journey yet, deep beneath the streets of New York City and through the Gates of the Underworld. But when a greedy god demands the ultimate sacrifice, will Rayne be forced to choose between her sister...and the vampire she loves?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00