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The Secrets of Wintercraft

Kate and her friend Edgar have just escaped from Kate's family bookstore. Her town has been attacked and the enemy is looking for any Skilled living there. Kate is discovered in the bookstore by Silas, an enemy who discovers that she is a Skilled and burns the bookstore down in the process. She is then captured and forced to go to Fume, the graveyard city. Once they arrive, she discovers her only living family that had been previously captured, and reunites with them. What is special about Kate? Why is Silas trying to keep her out of sight from everyone else? What secrets does the Wintercraft book hold and how does it bring it all together?

"Shadowcry" is definitely a unique book, one of a kind, unlike anything else I have ever read. Jenna Burtenshaw has created a compelling read that will leave you guessing till the very end.

Book Blurb for Shadowcry

The Night of Souls—when the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest—is only days away.

Albion is at war . . . and losing.

The wardens have descended, kidnapping innocent citizens for their army, but looking for one in particular.

And fifteen-year-old Kate Winters has just raised a blackbird from the dead.

As her home is torn apart by the wardens, Kate's discovery that she is one of the Skilled—the rare people who can cross the veil between life and death—makes her the most hunted person in all of Albion. Only she can unlock the secrets of Wintercraft, the ancient book of dangerous knowledge. Captured and taken to the graveyard city of Fume—with its secret tunnels and underground villages, and where her own parents met their deaths ten years ago—Kate must harness her extraordinary powers to save herself, her country, and the two men she cares for most. And she'll make a pact with a murderer to do it.

Those who wish to see the dark, be ready to pay your price. 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.25